After the Oscars the Stars Go Out
February 28, 2005

It was a rare moment Sunday night as living legend Liz Taylor arrived at Elton John's post-Oscar party to a huge ovation. Taylor celebrated her 73rd birthday in grand style and, as our friend Lawrence Zarian found out, the queen of Hollywood still has a lot of spunk.

Elton and Liz are close friends, and he revealed to "Extra" what he said to lure Taylor out of seclusion and to his party: "Elizabeth, we have a little piece of jewelry for you!"

In addition to Taylor, sexy stars like Molly Sims, Paris Hilton, some "Desperate Housewives" and Jordana Brewster came by Elton's bash. And while there, "Extra" broke some engaging news -- Christina Aguilera showed off her new rock from fiancÚ Jordan Bratman.

"The proposal shocked me," Aguilera revealed. "I was crying, screaming."

Our next stop was the star-studded Vanity Fair bash, where every place we turned, there were legends of the big screen. Gwyneth Paltrow was there, and so was Tom Cruise who rode in on his motorcycle and then posed for photos with his ex-girlfriend, PenÚlope Cruz.

But the big talk of the party was the hosts' rock solid performance. "I thought he was great," Don Cheadle said of Chris Rock.

"I would have said, 'You're hired,'" Donald Trump insisted. "Chris, you did a great job."

And win or lose, all the stars were feeling good. "I think everyone who's nominated wants to win, but it was a great night," Annette Bening said.

Katie Couric had a blast inside the party, as we saw courtesy of her undercover "Katie Cam."

And after showing off her Oscar at the party, Best Actress Hilary Swank finished off her memorable evening at an all-night burger joint.

Don't miss Monday's edition of "Extra" for all the details, including snapshots of Hilary chowing down, Tom's moto-arrival and much more.

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