Back From the Edge
February 24, 2005

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is opening up like never before, revealing the truth about her debilitating cocaine addiction, nasty rumors about her reputation and even the thought of killing herself.

"Everybody's fall on their knees is different," Campbell told Diane Sawyer during Thursday night's "Primetime Live." "I do feel I'm in a pattern target, but I'm not asking for pity."

Naomi's life in the limelight has been tabloid fodder ever since she was fired by her modeling agency in 1993, accused of having a bad temper. And Campbell's reputation only grew when former personal assistants, like Vanessa Frisbee, came forward with allegations of abuse.

"She took me by the shoulders and slammed me up against a wall," Frisbee had said.

"You lose everything spiritually," Campbell said during the interview. "You may not lose everything materialistically, but if you don't have everything spiritually, it doesn't matter what you have materialistically, that's not the point."

Now, Naomi tells Sawyer that most of the tabloid rumors about her are simply untrue, and she even 'fesses up about her reported relationship with music icon, Usher. "Nothing ended," Naomi insists. "We were never boyfriend-girlfriend."

But the supermodel sensation looks "unattached" for the time being, globetrotting at Carnival in Brazil one week and on the arm of model Tyson Beckford at the premiere of "The Pirelli Calendar" in New York the next.

"I don't ever want to be in that type of pain again," Campbell said. "I don't want to be in that place."

You can catch Naomi's full interview Thursday night on ABC.

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