Johnny's Illegitimate Granddaughter Fights for Her Share
February 23, 2005

Chrystal Love believes she's part of Hollywood royalty. Paternity tests show her father is likely Chris Carson, which would make Chrystal Johnny Carson's grandfather.

Now, Chrystal and her mom, Tanena, are hiring lawyers as they look to get a slice of the legend's estate, and they're talking only to "Extra" about their fight.

Tanena tells us she loved Chris, who is now in his 50s, and that she's not just coming out of the woodwork now that he stands to inherit a fortune. "I would never treat a child or any other human being the way they did Chris," she told us. "I knew him for ten years before I had his child. If you ever knew someone who was going to rob a bank, would they stand outside the bank for ten years? No."

Tanena is in between jobs now. She lives in a rough neighborhood and wants to be able to buy a home. "We are not in Malibu, far from it," she said.

Chrystal, a high school senior, says she tried to contact Carson, the man she calls her grandpa, but claims he never responded. "It hurt," she admitted to us. "Of course, it really hurt me."

Chrystal says she'd just like money for college, but she may have to fill out student loans. We went to Barry Cutrow, a prominent estate lawyer, who doesn't think she has a case. "Slim or none," he predicted. "No one has the right to inherit money."

But Tanena and her daughter vow to fight on, battling for a piece of the family fortune they believe they have a right to.

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