Oscar Countdown: Double Threat
February 23, 2005

With only five days to go until Oscar night, double nominee Jamie Foxx is certainly the man to beat.

"It's very exciting," Foxx admitted. "My whole family is coming out, all my friends. They said they want to be there if something beautiful happens."

Jamie recently joked he'd take Oprah or Halle Berry as his date to the Academy Awards, but now we know the lucky lady will be his 10-year-old daughter Corrine. "This may be an experience we may never be able to experience again in our life, I want her to see it," Foxx insisted.

As if two Oscar nominations weren't enough (one for "Ray" and another for "Collateral"), Jamie was recently honored with the cover of LA Confidential magazine. "It's absolutely incredible, man," Foxx said. "I never was a leading-man-on-the-front-of-a-magazine kind of guy."

And from covers to catwalks, Jamie kept it going, as he hit up the GM Ten Event's Celebrity Fashion Show, where he walked the runway as a model. "Extra" was the only crew with Foxx right before the action. "I'm going to get my model on," he told us. "Just wait until I hit that runway, all of you look out!"

Despite all the hype, Jamie has had help keeping things in perspective from the likes of Sydney Poitier. "He said, 'You have a responsibility now to live your life and protect that art,'" Foxx recalled. "I feel humbled after that time, and my walk and my talk are a little bit different."

But that doesn't mean Mr. Foxx isn't enjoying the ride. He partied over the weekend with his "Collateral" pal Tom Cruise, who set off flashbulbs with sexy Sofía Vergara on his arm. Foxx even gave us his take on his buddy: "Tom Cruise probably has a lot of brand new ladies after that party, because let me tell you, Tom Cruise danced until about 1:45."

Sounds like a great party, but for Jamie, the best celebration may well be on Sunday night.

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