Is There a Clash for Carson's Cash?
February 22, 2005

Exclusive: The woman who claims to be Johnny Carson's illegitimate granddaughter and her mother have spoken out, only on "Extra," and told us why they deserve a piece of the estate.

Chrystal Love Carson showed "Extra" paternity papers which show there's almost a 99 percent chance her dad is Chris Carson, Johnny's 53-year-old son. Chris, now in his 50's, spent most of his adult life living on a $35,000-a-year check from his dad. He paid child support to Chrystal and her mom, Tanena, but the money didn't go very far.

Tanena claims the late-night legend sent his lawyer over to make sure Chrystal was really a Carson. "I believe she is," Tanena said. "I know she is a Carson. I'm waiting for people to act more human, like a human being. Not like she's an animal, not like she doesn't exist."

"If anything, I want help with my college," Chrystal insisted.

"He knew of her," Tanena insisted. "He sent Harry Bushkin from California on his Lear jet for us to take blood tests. I proved 18 years ago that she was a Carson. It shouldn't have been a fight after that."

Chrystal wanted to know her grandpa and sent him letters, which all returned unopened. Chrystal says she traveled to Malibu to see her grandfather, but admitted, "I went on his property to talk to him. He told me to get off his property."

Chrystal will never get to know her grandfather, but she believes it's not too late for things to finally be set right, and for her family's long struggle to be put to an end. "It hurts me that my mother has to struggle when things could be easier," she said. "It really hurts me."

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