After the Laughter
February 22, 2005

She got lots of laughs and is best known as Jerry's mom on "Seinfeld," but in the past two years, Liz Sheridan hasn't had much to laugh about. The actress invited "Extra" into her home to talk about losing her husband of 40 years, Dale Wales, and the massive credit card debt he left her with, which led to her recent bankruptcy filing.

"The cards I thought amounted to like $80,000," Sheridan admitted. "That's a lot. I had to start all over again."

But Sheridan doesn't want sympathy and says she isn't destitute. In fact, she's rebuilding her life, taking her one-woman show, "Mrs. Seinfeld Sings," on the road.

This funny lady has quite a past. She once lived with James Dean and even wrote a book about their life together. "We were inseparable," she said. "We couldn't breathe without each other so we finally decided in 1955, which is something you don't do, to get a room. We went and lived in a hotel together."

Dean's fame finally broke them up, but Sheridan says he, Jerry Seinfeld and her husband are the men who really shaped her life, and that "Seinfeld" defined her career.

"Everybody got along," she insisted. "It was amazing."

But now she's on her own, and even though she's got little money, Sheridan says she's still got plenty to sing about.

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