Simon Sets the Record Straight
February 22, 2005

It's ladies' night, Tuesday night, as 12 hot "American Idol" hopefuls compete to stay in the running, and they'll all have to contend with sinister Simon Cowell.

And every day there's a new rumor making the rounds about Simon. Are they true? Simon came to us to do a little rumor control.

First up: Simon sees his share of wreck on the "AI" stage, but Is it true that Simon was in a car accident Monday night?

"Yes," Simon stated. "This woman reversed into me at about fifty miles and hour. I was in my Bentley."

And what about the rumor that Simon has stepped up security? Is it true that he's been getting death threats?

"I was misquoted; they were actually love threats," Simon joked. "It's not true. I don't get death threats."

Paula and Simon are raising ruckuses with their on-camera arguments, but is Simon egging her on? Is he trying to be the instigator or the peacemaker with Paula?

"I think with Paula, if you disagree with her over talent, and she doesn't get her own way, she has a fit," Simon observed. "There is no other way of saying it."

And finally, Mr. Nasty may have the smuggest mug on TV today, but is it true that he was broke just five years ago?

"Not five years ago," Simon corrected. "I was broke about fifteen years ago. And then since I've met Terri [his girlfriend, and our correspondent] I've become broke again!"

Ok, so he's got money - but what about those rumors that Simon's stingy with it?

"I'm a very good tipper," Simon insisted. "Ask any waiter. I am a good tipper. I worked in a restaurant so I know what it's like not to be tipped."

Well, he sure knows how to serve it up, in any case.

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