Michael Lohan's Crash and Reality TV Hopes
February 21, 2005

America's most out of control celebrity dad is doing the walk of shame after a weekend accident. Michael Lohan's car hit a pole on Long Island and burst into flames. Police charged Lohan with driving while intoxicated and without a license.

"I'm amazed he's not dead," one witness said.

New York Daily news gossip writer Joe Piazza is breaking news about yet another Michael Lohan controversy. This one involves a reality show he wants to tape called, "Living with the Lohans," about his family's tumultuous life.

"These are definitely the acts of a desperate man," Piazza insisted. "He sent a letter over to Dina Lohan, Lindsay's mom, saying, 'I want you to participate in my new reality show, or else I'm going to drag our divorce through court and subpoena all your friends.'"

Lindsay's family has reportedly said "no" to the not-so-tempting offer, which is just the latest incident involving this troubled father.

Michael's movie star daughter has been estranged from her dad and his problems for some time now. On Saturday, Lindsay went shopping along Madison Ave., even stopping to pose for photographers -- a very different photo op than her father faced just hours earlier.

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