Paris' Cell Phone Hacked and Posted to Web
February 21, 2005

Paris Hilton's birthday weekend went bust, marred by a phone security breach of A-list proportions. Apparently, while the "Simple Life" star celebrated her 24th birthday with her new man, who is also named Paris, hackers were hard at work nabbing the contents of her T-Mobile Sidekick.

That's right, the same phone Paris pitches had its contents pilfered and then posted on the web, and Eminem, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera had all given Paris their digits.

So what's an heiress to do? E-mail an apology of course. That word came from party planner Laura Shriftman, who designed Paris' fragrance launch bash.

Shriftman told "Extra" that since her number was posted, she's received 2,000 calls from all over the world and a personal apology from Paris.

But you can't just hack an heiress. So never fear, the FBI may be there. That's right, word is the feds are trying to nab those hostile hackers.

So will Paris be able to mend all those famous fences? Will the feds track down the dastardly computer geeks? And will half of Hollywood be able to change their phone numbers in time?

Stay tuned to "Extra" for all of the answers!

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