Extra '24:' Who's Almost Out of Time?
February 21, 2005

The white-knuckle twists and turns of "24" are some of the most tightly-guarded secrets on this side of the CIA. But isn't it hard for the stars to keep the secrets under wraps?

"Yeah, it slips out every once in awhile," admitted Carlos Bernard, a.k.a. Tony Almeida. And while Carlos told our Dayna Devon he couldn't reveal any secrets, he did let it slip that they accidentally gave out a real phone number on the show this season.

"So here we are shooting and the prop department's cell phone rings and they answer it, and it's a fan," Barnard recalled. "They said, 'I just saw it on "24" tonight. I called it, and is this really "24?"' And since then, it rings 24 hours a day."

So what can we expect from Monday night's new episode? "Actually this episode somebody pretty big dies," Carlos revealed. "And the person that kills him is pretty cool -- Oh God, you see what I just said!?"

Don't worry, your secret's safe with us!

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