Nicollette's Secret Beauty Weapon
February 18, 2005

She's the neighborhood knockout who makes pulses race on "Desperate Housewives," and in an exclusive interview after her sexy striptease on Friday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show," we caught up with Nicollette Sheridan for all the "Housewives" dirt -- and a whole lot more.

First off, seeing as there might be a little crack forming between Teri Hatcher's Susan and her beau, will Nicollette's character Edie make another play for Mike the Plumber?

"Edie could just be over Mr. Plumber-man at this point," Nicollette teased. "Edie might need a bigger fish to fry."

A fish like a certain mega-star Nicollette told us she hopes will swoop in and sweep Edie off her feet. "I read in one of those rags that Bruce Willis is dying to play my ex-husband. I'm game with that," Nicollette revealed. "Come on, Mr. Willis."

Edie may be waiting for Bruce, but in real life Nicollette's all about her fiancÚ Nicklaus Soderblum. They haven't set a wedding date yet, but she did reveal a little about the guest list, laughing that her Wisteria neighbors would get an invite, "If they're lucky. If they behave themselves!"

No doubt Nicollette will be a gorgeous bride, but just how does this 41-year-old beauty stay looking so hot? We begged her to reveal her beauty secrets and she agreed to share her secret weapon to combat aging.

Her secret skin care weapon is NuGlow, a series of products that use copper and copper peptides to rejuvenate the skin and reduce fine lines.

"It's incredible stuff. It really, really works," Nicollette insisted. "You dab it on, dab it all around that bone around your eyes and miraculously it will happen."

She also shared her three makeup musts: "A little mascara for me, a little eyeliner and some lip gloss."

Nicollette is the spokesperson for NuGlow and will pitch it on QVC this weekend.

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