Looking Good, Doing Good
February 18, 2005

She's the one Will Smith wants in the hit new movie "Hitch," and she's one of the beautiful faces of Revlon, but it's not just about looking good for Eva Mendes -- it's also about doing good, like participating in Revlon's annual Run/Walk.

"We've raised over twenty-five million over the past ten years for cancer research, women's cancer research," Eva told us.

And now the Latin beauty is checking out Revlon's new fall makeup colors at the Christopher Deane show during New York's Fashion Week.

"I really like their collection," Eva enthused. "This is obviously one of the beautiful things. This beautiful top."

Fashion is fun for this self-confessed girlie-girl. Whether it's red carpet glamour or an edgy look, Eva does it with style. So how does she maintain those dangerous curves? Ladies, you may not like the answer!

"I don't like the gym," Eva admitted. "I hate the gym. It's stinky and gross."

Well, whatever you're doing Eva, it's working. Keep it up!
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