Star Justice: Jackson's Secret World
February 17, 2005

Tonight's two-hour Michael Jackson special is being kept tightly under wraps by ABC, but only "Extra" has teamed with "Celebrity Justice" to break news that even Martin Bashir doesn't know about.

Thursday night's two-hour "Primetime Live" special, "Michael Jackson's Secret World," promises to break new ground. According to published reports, a police officer will claim that in 1993, cops confiscated a photo album of naked children from the "Neverland Ranch."

Bashir's first documentary, "Living with Michael Jackson," sparked the pop star's current legal problems. And now, all eyes are on tonight's special.

Meanwhile, Jackson flashed the peace sign and waved to his fans before being discharged from the hospital for flu-like symptoms. Jackson's latest illness delayed jury selection in his molestation trial until next Tuesday.

The TV show "Celebrity Justice" is breaking explosive Jackson news. Executive Producer Harvey Levin has learned that music legend Quincy Jones staged an intervention with the star two years ago, trying to convince Jackson to stop having sleepovers with children.

"He went to Michael Jackson and said, 'This is inappropriate. It's wrong; stop doing it,'" Levin revealed. "We are told Michael Jackson was like a wall, that he didn't want to hear it."

However, we are told Quincy didn't think Jackson was doing anything wrong with the kids, just that it looked bad. The same goes for David Gest, who appears on Donny Deutch's CNBC show to say he also tried to get through to Michael, telling the King of Pop, "This can be your downfall, you have to grow up."

Gest was also extremely frank about his failed marriage to Liza Minnelli. "I really was in love with her," he said. When asked what went wrong with the marriage, he responded, "She's an alcoholic."

Liza has admitted to having a drinking problem and calls the marriage to Gest "a mistake."

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