Lara and Mark Go to the Dogs
February 17, 2005

On screen she's known for being tough as nails, but Lara Flynn Boyle was a different breed when she invited our Mark McGrath over for a doggy date with her and her five dogs. It seems anything canine is a big hit with Lara, who openly admitted that no one comes between her and her dogs.

"I have a very large bed," she said. "I know that sounds very Hollywood, but it's so all of them can fit in it when we go to sleep."

"I'm such a psycho," Mark agreed. "Most people get tattoos of their girlfriends, I got my dog Lola because I have serious problems."

"No, you're just smart," Lara corrected. "You know that's safe."

Lara is currently starring in Showtime's "Huff," where she has a critically acclaimed role as a delusional woman with a violent streak. So how does she prepare for a role like that?

"It's sort of just avoiding drunk dialing and driving by people's homes late at night and saving it for on camera," she insisted.

And speaking of cameras, there was no shortage of shutterbugs as the paparazzi crashed Mark and Lara's attempt at a dog walk. And she'll be getting even more attention thanks to her new project playing the first lady of the United States in "Land of the Blind."

But don't expect this first lady to handle another leash anytime soon. "This is a workout," Lara insisted. "Actresses do the yoga, Pilates, I'm walking my own dog!"

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