Chris Rock Stirs Controversy With Oscar Comments
February 16, 2005

He made a name for himself with his cutting-edge comedy, and now people are saying that new Oscar host Chris Rock is stirring the pot once again with recent remarks, such as calling awards for technical arts "idiotic," and the Academy Awards a "fashion show."

But contrary to reports that the Academy is stewing, Oscar producer Gil Cates is standing behind his man, along with Rock's famous friends.

Good friend and Oscar contender Jamie Foxx says Rock is ready to shake up the show. "When I tell you he's got something planned, I can't say it," Foxx told us. But Jamie did say that Rock told him, "I'll be able to hurt them, but they won't know it."

Last night, Rock's Oscar-writing partner, David Spade, told Jimmy Kimmel to get ready for even more controversy. "It's not going to go away," Spade revealed.

But Rock will also get serious at the Academy Awards, paying tribute to longtime Oscar host Johnny Carson. And only we spotted Rock and his superstar friends, Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, when they met in Los Angeles to reminisce about Johnny just after his death.

"Hopefully I stand out like Billy and Steve and Whoopi," Rock said of his hosting stint. "I heard people talking about Billy for days after the Oscars."

With early buzz like this, you can bet Chris will rock the Oscars.

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