Rumor Control: You Want Answers?
February 16, 2005

The rumors never stop coming in Hollywood, and "Extra" never stops setting the record straight on your favorite stars, and today we've got a couple of doozies.

From Hollywood to London, everyone is talking about Jennifer Lopez. She burst back into the spotlight at the Grammy Awards, but now J.Lo has suddenly cancelled a publicity trip to Europe, leading to rumors of a mystery medical problem. So is she really too sick to travel?

Yes -- "Extra" talked to Lopez's label Wednesday, and reps told us she is in fact ill. The superstar released this statement apologizing to fans: "I very much wanted to be in London today, but unfortunately I am not well. At the advice of my doctors, I am unable to travel."

He's just hit the three-week mark on his new marriage, so has "Apprentice" star Donald Trump already removed his wedding band?

"I didn't put the ring on," Trump admitted when "Extra's" Tanika Ray asked to see the band. "I never loved the feel of a ring, but with me I don't have to wear a ring. People know I'm married."

Brad Pitt has been linked by the media to a sexy former Maxim model. Now the swimsuit model is answering the rumor, did she have a relationship with Brad?

No -- despite stories swirling about meetings in Greece, New York and Los Angeles, April Florio told People magazine in the new issue that she merely met Pitt for five minutes at a party in 2002.

Finally, could "Survivor" host Jeff Probst be taking over for Regis? "He really wants this job really bad," Regis said on his show Tuesday. "He's one of Gelman's favorites. He is grooming him for the day I say, 'Adios amigos.'"

But the fact of the matter is, the answer is no. Show reps say Regis was just joking around with Probst, who was promoting Thursday night's "Survivor" premiere.

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