Transforming the Triplets: Raise Your Voice
February 16, 2005

Last week, "Extra's" Terri Seymour gave "American Idol's" Maynard triplets a Hollywood makeover -- but that was just the beginning. Were the girls ready for step two -- vocal lessons with celebrity coach David Courey?

After catching the girls' act on "Idol," David swore he could transform the trio. "Would you want to be a novelty act?" He asked them "Or would you like to start today from the floor up with me, forming a new group on the music scene? Are you interested?"

Their response was a resounding "yes!" So "Extra" put David to work.

Things started off on a high note, but the mood quickly shifted when the girls started goofing off. And then the room became so intense, Erin began to cry. "It was very emotional," she admitted. "To be honest with you, it's so incredibly hot in here, that's why I'm so emotional."

The next stop for the girls will be Las Vegas, where they'll meet their idol, Barry Manilow. Will it be magic? Watch and see.

And don't miss a day of our Triplet transformation, as we prepare them to face their nemesis, Simon Cowell, once again.

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