Responding to the Rumors
February 16, 2005

Whether it's Ashlee Simpson's "SNL" lip-synch debacle, father Joe's comments about Jessica's sexy image or the constant rumors of Jessica and Nick's breakup, the tabloids never stop running front page stories on the Simpson family.

Now, in an exclusive interview with "Extra," Ashlee and Joe Simpson set the record straight.

It's been a tumultuous year for Ashlee. There was the booing at the Orange Bowl and the infamous "Saturday Night Live" scandal seen worldwide (and even shown on her own MTV reality show). So how does she feel about these events?

"['SNL'] definitely was blown out of proportion," Ashlee told us. "Everybody messes up, and I've learned how to deal with that, which has been a good thing."

Joe Simpson -- Ashlee and Jessica's father/manager -- is also learning to deal, having endured the untrue tabloid headlines about both of his children. "The hardest thing to do is just keep my mouth shut," Joe admitted.

Joe himself has been criticized for a quote he gave to GQ magazine about Jessica. He said, "Jessica never tries to be sexy. She's got double Ds. You can't cover those suckers up."

But Joe says he was taken out of context. "That interview was an all-day interview," he told us. "Look, this is a girl who's had this problem since 7th grade. We've always had to deal with it. She's sexy in this, she's sexy in that. I can't hide the fact that Jessica has boobs."

"I don't ever get that fight," Ashlee laughed.

Now, Ashlee is kicking off her very first concert tour. Her debut album sold more than three-and-a-half million copies and despite everything she's been through, she's having the time of her life living her dream. "The point of my tour is not to be perfect," she insisted. "It's to sweat, play with my band and have a good time."

And despite all of Ashlee's problems, Joe told us, "People are still buying tickets. They're still watching television and still buying her record."

Ashlee's 40-city tour opens Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

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