Justin's Musical Crusade
February 14, 2005

The Las Vegas strip belonged to Justin Timberlake Monday night, and "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli got the scoop straight from JT on music, his new movie career and the project that would make Elvis proud.

"I'm crazy, I'm signing guitars," Timberlake admitted. "We're going to put Memphis back on the music scene."

Memphis happens to be Justin's hometown, and he told "Extra" that he's on a new crusade to save the music in schools through his Justin Timberlake Foundation. "You're looking at somebody who didn't have an arts program in their school," he revealed.

So to raise cash, Justin is autographing goods for an online auction at the Fuel Bag launch party. "Stop buying pinball games on eBay and do something good," he advised.

Justin is doing all the good he can these days, even becoming a bona-fide double threat with his first big screen role, playing a reporter in "Edison," which also stars Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman.

But Justin, what about rumors of an 'N Sync reunion? "There's still a chance that 'N Sync could get back together," Timberlake revealed. "There's a chance that Lance could still walk on the moon."

Justin told us he's remained close with his old bandmates. "Our relationship goes way deeper than records," he insisted. "We're friends, those are my brothers."

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