Another Side of Halle Berry
February 15, 2005

Beautiful Oscar winner Halle Berry is about to try on a whole different kind of role, taking on the voice of a sexy robot in the new animated sci-fi fantasy flick, "Robots." And she told "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli all about it, plus five things we never knew about her.

Jerry Penacoli: What was making "Robots" like for you?

Halle Berry: It was like going to Oz for me as a kid. It was better than Oz. It was a great, fun, rich, an exhilarating place to just play in like a kid's playground. So wonderful.

JP: Now, you've got a big day coming up, a little different from a few years ago with the Oscars. Now you're presenting.

HB: Yeah, I'm presenting. And there are so many people of color up there! We're getting better parts to play and we're getting recognized for what we do as well.

JP: Did you pick out the dress yet?

HB: Well, I have some choices and then the day of I decide how I'm feeling that day and just do it at the last minute.

JP: Would you be up for playing our new celebrity game, Take Five?

HB: Sure.

JP: Okay, I'll give you two thoughts; you pick the one that best fits your personality.

HB: Okay.

JP: Older men or younger men?

HB: Oh, younger.

JP: Email or phone?

HB: Phone.

JP: Rock and roll or classical?

HB: Rock and roll.

JP: Pajamas or in the buff?

HB: In the buff.

JP: Formal name or nickname?

HB: Nickname.

JP: Which is it?

HB: Boo Boo, because I always used to say, "Do you think I'm Boo Boo the Fool?" I'm Boo Boo.

And we bet you didn't know that!

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