Hot Stars and Even Hotter Parties
February 14, 2005

It was pure musical magic under one roof as Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx and Kanye West joined together for a pre-Grammy celebration Saturday night at Clive Davis' bash. The legendary music mogul put Foxx on stage with Baby Face and Mary J. Blige. "That's the beauty of this thing," Foxx insisted. "This party is about talent."

The party is also famous for introducing new acts, such as Alicia Keys back in 2002. "You know, I was wet behind the ears," Keys recalled of her first performance at Clive's party. "I still had a bottle in my mouth, but I rocked them baby."

And from the pre-parties on Saturday night to the big event on Sunday, you can bet the stars weren't ready to stop there. Let's fast forward to Sunday night, post-Grammys, where Nelly joined stars like David Spade, Paris Hilton and Alyssa Milano at Usher's party. "I'm going to go party!" Nelly told us.

And Usher, who was nominated for eight Grammys, told us, "It was a beautiful night. I recognize the three I won, not the five I lost."

Our next stop was the ultra-sexy Sony/BMG party, where Ricky Martin revealed to us he's getting ready to tour again. "The concert will be full of music and a lot of concerts," Martin told us. "I can't wait to get back onstage."

Next up, we went to Kanye West's bash, which he hosted with MSN, after taking home three Grammy Awards. "I'm feeling elated and overjoyed," the rapper admitted. "I can't even describe it. I can't even put it into words."

Our last stop was the Spin Magazine party hosted by Wyclef Jean, who took the mic.

So from one end of Hollywood to the other, it was certainly a night to dance and celebrate!

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