Music's Hottest Stars Hit the Green Carpet
February 14, 2005

Before the big winners and even bigger musical performances, there was the Grammy green carpet, and "Extra" was there as your favorite stars made their big entrances.

"We got a little something in store for you," Usher promised for the night to come. "It's going to be hot," Christina Milian added.

Usher led the way on the green carpet that spanned generations. "It's like an inauguration," James Brown said.

"It's the greatest honor I've ever had," said Lifetime Achievement Award winner Jerry Lee Lewis.

This year's Grammy Awards marked a transition of sorts for legends like Brown and Lewis. The music icons passed the torch to a new era of superstars Sunday, such as 10-time Grammy nominee Kanye West, who told us, "I love you all, thank you all."

Grammy host Queen Latifah told us her game plan for the evening: "I'm going to bring a little classic style, a little sass and pizzazz, Queen Latifah style."

And after taking over the small screen, the big screen and now the Grammys, did "Scrubs" star Zach Braff really break some president news to "Extra?"

"I'm going to run for president," Braff insisted. Okay, maybe he was just kidding about that, but if not, Zach may want to talk to new Def Jam Records President and CEO Jay-Z. "It's El Presidente," Jay-Z joked.

Well, whoever's president, they're going to need an attorney general, like Janet Reno perhaps? Reno is currently working on a new music history initiative for students. "I can't carry a tune, but music has been part of my life since I was very small," she told "Extra."

And through it all, the man who had trouble even getting in to grab a role was Les Moonves, head of the Grammy network, CBS. "Nobody is nobody here," he insisted.

But Mr. Moonves and new wife Julie Chen were keeping their eyes out for somebody at the big event. "A lot of people are trying to speculate who may take over for Dan Rather," Moonves said. "We're looking all over."

Moonves and Chen were just one of the red hot Valentine's couples celebrating at the Grammys. Others included Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

"I'm lucky," Crow insisted. "I'm with my best friend." And Sheryl and Lance had another reason to celebrate -- Sheryl's 43rd birthday. "How ravishing does this lady look," Armstrong insisted. "She's the hottest 38 year old I've ever seen."

And the first couple of country, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, were enjoying their night out. "It's a date, we have a date tonight," Hill said. "It's hard to put into words what it feels like to do this together," McGraw added.

Alicia Keys arrived with her boyfriend and her mother. "My mother, of course she birthed me, without her, none of this would be happening," Keys insisted.

Meanwhile, what's the Grammy Awards without some killer fashion? "You've got to look good being a rock and roller," Green Day insisted.

"I always want to step the game up a little bit each year," Ashanti said of her outfit.

But no one stepped it up as much as the King's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who had some serious bling. "It is a million dollar ring," she showed us.

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