Queen of Bling
February 11, 2005

Sarah Jessica Parker is passionate about snowflakes, Angelina Jolie wows them with wings and Lindsay Lohan is sweet on snake hearts. What are we talking about? Diamonds, of course -- and what better time to give them than Valentine's Day!

"Every girl wants something sparkly," said celebrity diamond diva Mia Koniver, who adorns Hollywood's glamour girls with breathtaking baubles.

"This here is the moon and the stars Scarlett Johansson wore in 'Lost in Translation,'" Koniver showed us.

Mia first struck gold when Sarah Jessica Parker donned her diamond horseshoe on "Sex and the City." Now Mia's devotees also include Madonna and Demi Moore.

"This is the constellation Madonna bought all her dancers for good luck on the tour," Koniver showed us. "For Demi, it's basically a very spiritual symbol, meditation going from darkness to light," she said about Demi's lavish labyrinth.

And now you can get in on some Valentine's Day bling of your own. "We have lots of heart necklaces, one with little diamonds, one with big diamonds," Koniver said.

So if you want to add a little sparkle to your romance, try a little Valentine's Day ice.
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