Star Justice: Jail Birds
February 10, 2005

It's ladies' day on the legal front and we've got the news on two of America's most different women: Martha Stewart and Courtney Love.

First up, Martha Stewart's revealing letters from prison. In the March issue of Martha Stewart Living, the magazine's editor says she and her boss are pen pals. She reveals that Martha is in great spirits and ends her letters with lines like, "Let the fun begin."

So what kind of activities has Martha been doing at Camp Cupcake? She's done a lot of reading, cooking and yoga. Stewart is also looking forward to her release next month, ordering seeds for her garden and making "to-do" lists of chores.

Meanwhile, across the country, it was judgment day for Courtney Love in a Los Angeles courtroom. The 40-year-old rocker was sentenced for attacking a woman with a liquor bottle and a flashlight. The judge put Love on probation for three years. She left the court without talking to reporters.

On Thursday, Love's lawyers were back in court on a separate charge of drug possession.

And you can find much more star justice, including exclusive developments in the Jackson trial and the Cosby sex case at "Celebrity Justice" online.

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