Styling with the Stars
February 10, 2005

He recently became the face and body of Perry Ellis, so we gave Jerry O'Connell an assignment in keeping with his stylish new image, as our backstage correspondent at New York City's star-studded Fashion Week. And boy did Jerry discover some fantastic fashion excitement.

For the women, it was bold, bold, bold, and lots of gold. "There is no black," said designer Carolina Herrera, whose Oscar-winning muse Ren╚e Zellweger was front and center. "She has the perfect figure."

Speaking of perfection, Carolina was classic and Oscar de la Renta remained elegant as always. "I love Oscar," Beyoncé told us. "I'm wearing him right now; my mother bought him for me."

There was Beyonc╚ backstage, Katie and Heidi for the Entertainment Industry Foundation and Melania and her man for Mac Cosmetics. "I love Fashion Week in New York," Melania said.

And stars love the designers who dress them. We spotted the Hilton lovelies at Luca Luca and the Seinfelds at Narciso.

What to wear is always the question. And Betsey Johnson went for comfort couture. "Look, I'm wearing my nightgown cut off," she showed us.

"Sex and the City" designer Patricia Field wowed the crowd, and our own Mark McGrath, at the launch party of her first fashion line for Rocawear.

So from Betsey, Beyonc╚ and all the barmaids, here's to another fabulous Fashion Week.

The stars at Fashion Week 2005
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