Hail to the New King
February 9, 2005

Come Sunday night, his name will likely be as good as Grammy gold, so how is Mr. Usher T. Raymond celebrating his biggest year ever in music? On the set for his new movie, "Dying for Dolly." That's right, Usher's got a new bag as a big-screen leading man, but with an armful of nominations on the line for Sunday, he had music on his mind when he invited our Mark McGrath for a visit.

"So what's winning a Grammy mean to you?" Mark asked, admitting, "Some of us never won one -- or were nominated. What's it like man?"

"If I do win this yearÖ" Usher corrected.

"You're locked," said Mark.

"The first time I'd ever won a Grammy was like the highlight of my life," Usher noted. "I'm just happy once again with the nomination."

"Try eight," Mark responded. "You're being humble as usual."

And whether he walks off with all eight statues or not, Usher's well on his way to earning music's "Most Prolific" title.

"Word on the street out there, there's a new King of Pop," Mark told Usher.

"It's funny to hear things like that," Usher said. "To be a self-proclaimed king of pop is not good. But to be appointed one, it's a pretty cool look."

And we can all watch the coronation commence, Sunday night on CBS.

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