Even More Trump on TV
February 9, 2005

What do you get when you combine showbiz titans Donald Trump, Mark Burnett and Martha Stewart? Well, hopefully a hit show. As "Extra" first reported, Trump and Burnett are executive producers of the upcoming "Apprentice: Martha Stewart."

And it seems the men behind Martha Stewart's move to primetime TV can't wait to start whipping up the domestic diva's "Apprentice" spin off. "She's a winner," Trump told us. "She's a brave woman, what she's endured and what she's suffered."

And Mark's equally impressed by Martha. "Martha, like Donald, is a decisive person," Burnett observed.

In his new motivational book, "Jump In, Even If You Don't Know How To Swim," Burnett dedicates a whole chapter on his friendship with Martha, including how she surprised him the moment they met: "When we met she said, 'Wow, that's a wonderful outfit. Let me get my camera.' That's the first thing she said to me and took my picture."

Meanwhile, Trump is bracing for an unauthorized close up -- a TV movie about him in the works from ABC. So who would be The Donald's choice to play him? "I just heard about it two minutes ago," Donald admitted. "Well, I would say if we could reincarnate Cary Grant."

And based on last week's "Saturday Night Live," Trump admitted that Paris Hilton could play his bride, Melania: "I've known Paris since she was ten years old. She was very beautiful as Melania with the black wig. I thought it was great."

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