Divorce Files: David Caruso, Christian Slater and Montel Williams
February 8, 2005

A primetime TV star, a movie star and a TV talk show host are all splitting from their wives. "Extra" cracks open the celebrity divorce files.

It's heartbreak for the star of the hit TV show "CSI: Miami." "Extra" has the divorce papers just filed by David Caruso's wife, Margaret. The reason given for the split is irreconcilable differences.

David and Margaret, a former flight attendant, have been married for nearly nine years. They have no kids together. The 49-year-old actor has been married two other times.

Meanwhile, it looks like movie star Christian Slater may have also lost his leading lady. Published reports indicate he and wife Ryan Hadden have split and are going through a "trial separation."

A couple years ago, Ryan was a special correspondent for "Extra" and the two seemed very much in love. Christian even remembered the moment he knew he would marry Ryan: "I saw the cover of Town and Country magazine. You were on there with your mom and I said, 'That's the girl I'm going to marry.'"

Finally, they got divorced four years ago, but now talk show host Montel Williams and his ex, Grace Moerhle, are in a new bitter legal fight.

It started when Grace appeared on the Howard Stern radio show and said Montel rarely visits their two kids. Williams then went to court claiming his ex violated their separation agreement by dishing details. Grace now tells the TV show "Celebrity Justice" that enough is enough. "Let's deal with what's at hand: our two children," she said. "That's all that matters."

Montel refused to comment on the story. He and his ex are due back in court in April.

Check out David Caruso's divorce papers and more details about Montel Williams and Grace Moerhle at "Celebrity Justice."

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