You're Going to Hollywood Anyway!
February 8, 2005

"American Idol" judge Simon wouldn't let them go to Hollywood, but "Extra" did! We gave Mandy, Erin and Melissa, the singing Maynard triplets, a Hollywood makeover, "Extra" style.

After they sang for the "AI" judges, Simon told the triplets, "You all look like three overweight Jessica Simpsons." Well, Simon may be eating his words after our extreme makeover.

The sisters started off the star treatment in a limousine, headed to a gorgeous suite at the five-star Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Then it was off to their very first trip to the beach, where the Nebraska girls had their chance to make a big splash in California (and, no girls, there are no alligators in California, what you saw was what we call a "rock").

Then after a lobster lunch at Gladstone's, it was time to hit up the PrivÈ Salon in Beverly Hills to meet up with our Terri Seymour, to begin the Hollywood makeover.

The transformation began with Lauren and his team of professionals who bid bye-bye to the bushy eyebrows and so long to the bad extensions. And that peroxide bleach-blonde hair? That went too.

After 12 stylists, six colorists, two make-up artists and three hip, 2BFree outfits, the three new knockouts debuted their glamorous new looks.

Now that the girls looked the part, it was time to hit Hollywood for a whirlwind tour and some singing lessons. But first we needed a celebrity to complete our Hollywood story, and since the sisters idolize Barry Manilow (two of them were named after Manilow melodies), "Extra" brought the girls to meet Barry himself.

Stay tuned, because we're going to give the now-stunning sisters a face-to-face with their nemesis. That's right, you do not want to miss the Maynard's final showdown with Simon.

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