Cindy Crawford's Fountain of Youth
February 7, 2005

All this month, we're delivering you beauty tips and secrets, straight from the stars, and to start with, we went to one of the world's most original supermodels, Cindy Crawford, as she revealed why she's still at the top of her game.

"I've got a secret," Cindy told us. "A meaningful beauty secret."

We caught up with Cindy at the Peninsula New York Hotel, where the gorgeous 38-year-old shared her secrets with us, from the French cosmetic surgeon who started injecting her skin with vitamins 10 years ago, to her new exclusive skin care line she swears by.

"I kept bugging him that he had to bottle this stuff," Cindy recalled. The result? Meaningful Beauty, her exclusive, six-step skin care program that she developed with Paris doctor Jean-Louis Sebagh. It's an anti-aging formula containing an enzyme from a rare French melon. The secret: it rejuvenates and plumps up the skin.

"Pretty much every make-up artist I work with says my skin looks better than it did twelve years ago," Cindy admitted.

And that's not the only beauty secret Cindy shared:

Cindy's Tips:

In the quest for flawless skin, less is definitely more, so don't over-cleanse or over-moisturize. "A lot of people over-cleanse their skin. They strip it," Cindy noted. "I think a lot of people, especially when they start aging, over moisturize. They feel as if they have to use something really heavy."

And when it comes to lifestyle choices, common sense rules: as Cindy advised, "I like food and I want food to be my friend, so I try to enjoy it, but in moderation."

Don't smoke -- drink lots of water. "I'm a really firm believer in not smoking, and drinking a lot of water," Cindy insisted.

Now that's super-sensible advice to follow -- and check out how you can get Meaningful Beauty for yourself.

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