Where Even the Stars are Fans
February 7, 2005

Hollywood went east for the Super Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida, this weekend, and "Extra" was there to catch up with the stars.

We were with Will Smith just moments before kickoff, as he gave us his prediction: "This is the year the Eagles soar to the promised land."

Not a surprising pick for Will, who was pulling hard for his hometown team, claiming, "Heaven's going be in a couple of hours."

And while Will was wild about Philly, Alicia Keys admitted she couldn't pick a favorite, saying, "I'm happy either way because I'm an East Coast girl and I'm good to go."

Meanwhile, a relaxed Michael Douglas was pulling for Philly -- relaxed, because he and Catherine Zeta-Jones were both having a rare break from work. "We're kind of hanging out -- laid back -- enjoying the kids," Michael told us.

Of course there was some big-time action between the Eagles and Patriots out on the field, but trust us, some of the weekend's best scoring was compliments of non-football stars at all those Super Bowl parties.

Hugh Hefner played host at his Playboy party to guests like Nick Lachey, Owen Wilson and Gabrielle Union.

"American Idol" judge Randy Jackson was auctioning off celebrity collectibles for charity, including an autographed Paul McCartney guitar.

Meanwhile, over at the Maxim Bash, it was a bridal-themed party featuring a real wedding. "What a mistake that is," joked Tom Arnold.

Also showing up were "Ray" star Regina King, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes.

And for a really fast party, we checked in at the annual Cadillac Celebrity Go-Cart Race. Our own Jon Kelley took part, competing with stars like Owen Wilson, who admitted, "I'm a terrible driver. I'm probably going to get killed."

But two-time go-cart champ Leanne Tweedon was brash and talking trash about Jon's chances on the track. "You're going to be looking at my back the whole time," she teased him. "The bunny on the back of my helmet."

When it came to it, Jon actually took the lead... before Tom Arnold's TV sidekick hit him from behind and knocked him out of the competition. Jon came in a respectable third. Just like the Eagles, we say to Jon, "Better luck next year."

From the game itself to the star-studded parties, it was a Super Bowl weekend to remember.

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