Virginia Gets the Party Started
February 4, 2005

Getting red-carpet-ready is a whole new role for newly-minted Oscar nominee and "Sideways" co-star Virginia Madsen, and only "Extra" was there as the glamour games began for Virginia at the Calvin Klein store in Manhattan, where she kicked off her red-carpet shopping spree to prepare for a host of awards shows before the Oscars.

Virginia wore Calvin to the Golden Globes, and she showed us some beautiful options she was considering for this weekend's Screen Actors Guild Awards, but she wouldn't confirm her choice. "I'm not allowed to tell anything," she teased. "But I want to."

Then it was off to New York's premiere cosmetics emporium, Boyds, where Virginia stocked up for her red-carpet survival kit.

"A little hairspray," she showed us. "I got the Crest White Strips."

Virginia was also looking to put her best stiletto forward on the red carpet, with some must-have shoes: "Next stop, Jimmy Choos!"

She chose three pairs, then announced, "I've got my Jimmy Choos. I'm ready to party."

And this whole year has been one big party for Virginia, whose role as a waitress in "Sideways" has suddenly made her the toast of both coasts -- after 20 years in Hollywood!

"Now I'm getting the kind of offers that I wanted to get for many years, and so it's very exciting," Virginia told us.

But the real excitement is just beginning, as Virginia's set to be the belle of the Hollywood balls.

"Okay, I need the red carpet diet again this week," she joked.

No worries -- it looks like va-va-va-voom Virginia will be a red-carpet stand out.
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