21st Century Star Moms
February 3, 2005

It's a happy day here at "Extra" -- our very own Dayna Devon is expecting her first baby! And to prepare for the next joyful nine months, we went straight to the stars, who were more than happy to offer Dayna some advice, and of course, lots of congrats.

"Congrats very, very much," said superstar Reba McEntire. "Your first child, that's wonderful!"

"Congratulations Dayna, mazeltov," Fran Drescher added. "I wish you all the best for you and your family and your new coming baby."

From stars like Sarah Jessica Parker to Kate Hudson and Debra Messing, there's no doubt the stars had some advice to keep Dayna fit and stylish throughout her pregnancy. And thanks to several designer maternity lines, such as actress Catherine Oxenberg who lives by A Pea in the Pod, a bulging belly no longer means frumpy fashion.

"I feel better when I'm wearing form-fitting clothes," Oxenberg insisted.

And who can forget Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Oscars or "Monk" star Melora Hardin, who was the picture of a fit pregnancy? Hardin revealed her secret to Dayna: Pilates three times a week. "Your body's supple and also your body's strong and those are the two things you really want to have when you're giving birth," Melora affirmed.

And Jenny McCarthy's post-baby body is definitely worth checking out! She lost 60 pounds of baby fat and says everything from basic crunches, push ups and leg raises were the key.

As far as fashionable baby rooms are concerned, we turned to Cindy Crawford to give Dayna advice. With the help of designer Susan Salzman, Cindy had her little Presley's room perfect, even including pieces of herself.

"I don't like it when people come in and take out all your personal things," Cindy said. "You want that mixed in."

So congrats, Dayna! With the help of your favorite stars, there's no doubt you'll be the most fashionable pregnant lady around.

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