The Winslet Way
February 3, 2005

It was flashbulb frenzy at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival as the great Kate Winslet was honored for her performances this year. And she came straight from the stage to "Extra" for her one and only interview, her first since her latest Best Actress Oscar nomination for "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" was announced.

This marks Kate's fourth Oscar nomination -- the most Oscar nods any actor has received before age 30. "It doesn't get any better than this," Winslet conceded. "This is incredible."

Kate's first Best Actress Oscar nod came in 1998 for "Titanic," and her and Leo's stock rose with the film's blockbuster success. But Kate admitted she's amazed they didn't get swept away by the instant fame.

"That's incredible, to have gone through that experience at the age of 21," she observed. "I think we were kids when we made that film and we're adults now. And you know, we didn't go off and take serious amounts of drugs or drink ourselves into a stupor and wind up being photographed lying in a gutter. We actually did okay."

Recently, Leo told Oprah that Kate was by far the best on-screen kiss he's had. But talking to us, Kate seemed to disagree: "I think he's lying because at the time he definitely didn't feel that way, that's just a fact. And neither did I. I was like, 'Oh I have to kiss you again.'"

And now, almost a decade later, it's been another "Titanic" year for both Leo and Kate. Entertainment Weekly wrote about Winslet: "If there's any justice this February, one of the best actresses in decades will finally walk home with an Oscar."

"That would be nice," Kate admitted. "I need to write them a thank you card."

And don't miss more with Kate in our exclusive expanded interview.

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