The Donald and The Martha?
February 2, 2005

An "Extra" Exclusive: Donald Trump and Martha Stewart are about to become a dream team. Trump came straight to "Extra" to break the news that he and "Apprentice" Executive Producer Mark Burnett signed Martha to host her own version of the hit show before she began her prison term.

"I think she's going to do great," Trump told us. "We've been getting big ratings, and we're expanding."

Believe it or not, Trump will work behind the scenes on Martha's show, which he said will have its own unique flavor: "I build buildings and she does different things. We'll allow her to be herself."

But what will happen to "The Apprentice's" signature line? Will Stewart say, "You're fired?" "I don't know if she even wants it," Trump admitted.

Trump said he's been talking to Martha by phone at Camp Cupcake, although we're learning that when Martha gets out of prison, she may be a changed woman. Barbra Walters appeared on "The View" to talk about her recent visit with Martha behind bars, and she reported that Stewart surprised her, saying she doesn't miss any of the material comforts from her old life.

"She really looks very well," Walters said. "She has lost 20 pounds. She is in very good spirits. She teaches yoga. I think she told me she makes five dollars a month for her work there."

But a published report indicates that Martha the mogul is also alive and well. It claims that Stewart broke prison rules by talking business to her staff over the phone. The report also claims that Stewart talked in code, pretending to discuss animals and gardening.

Prison officials refused to comment, and the Domestic Diva is still due to be released from prison and begin her new life on March 6th.

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