Couples News: The Breaks
February 3, 2005

Word is two famous couples are history. And you know the drill -- you hear it, we check it out. So here are today's latest rumors set straight.

Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth have been an item for quite some time, but now rumors are flying that it's over for the hot young couple. Is it true?

According to People magazine Correspondent Rebecca Paley, yes. "It's a surprise, they seem very in love," Paley told us. "Their rep told People they still remain friends but because of their busy schedule, they decided to take some time apart."

Next rumor up, is first lady Laura Bush publicly dissing her daughter Jenna's new beau?

Yes, Laura spoke about the budding relationship on "Good Morning America" Tuesday morning. "Extra" first reported that Jenna was dating Henry Hager, the 26-year-old former White House intern. And the first lady said the president is apparently your typical dad when the boys come a calling. "He's pretty good about that," Laura said of her husband. "This is not a serious boyfriend; I hate to say it on national TV."

And from hookups to breakups, has another reality romance bit the dust?

Yes. It seems "Bachelorette" Meredith Philips and her fiancÈ Ian McKee have called it quits. The couple got together on the second installment of the hit ABC show, but has gone their separate ways. It's not all bad news, however --"Bachelorette" Trista and her man Ryan are still together and just celebrated their first anniversary.

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