Kirstie Alley Is A ‘Fat Actress' No More
January 27, 2006

Kirstie Alley has hit the big 6-0! The former "Fat Actress" star has dropped a staggering 60 pounds since taking on the role of Jenny Craig spokesperson.

Alley's stunning transformation has been a dream come true for the actress and countless others! According to Jenny Craig's Scott Parker, Kirstie has become an inspiration for thousands to join. "She just wants to get them fired up, to get them excited about the potential of losing weight," Parker revealed.

Kirstie started her crash diet after confessing she weighed 219 pounds… 80 more than when she starred as the sexy siren on "Cheers."

But Kirstie takes full responsibility for her weight gain. "I always ate too much," she said. "I wasn't a big binger. I've just eaten too much since I was born."

However, Alley is determined to get her hot body back. "I was a lucky girl to have a good figure for a long time," she admitted. "So now I'm sort of into the game of working on it and getting back to like how I'd want to look."

Kirstie has waged her private war against her weight in a very public way. But one thing she's never lost is her sense of humor. Now the actress is just 24 pounds away from the fabulous figure she maintained while frequenting that Boston bar.

"Cheers," Kirstie! Here's to a new you!

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