On The Record: Eva and Tony Open Up
January 27, 2006

It's Eva and Tony's first in-depth interview together! Well, actually, at the start it was just Eva; Tony and "Extra's" Jon Kelley were busy (sorry, Eva). So we decided to just bring Tony in for an exclusive sit-down interview to find out what it's like to be the man who has stolen the heart of Wisteria Lane's hottest "Housewife"!

Eva Longoria: Jon, get to work, quit messing around. All he does is talk to my boyfriend!

Jon Kelley: We were talking about sports. Okay, Tony, when did you know you were falling in love with this woman?

Tony Parker: Basically, I think really the first date we had. The next day after I met her, like when we sat down, we talked for hours. And I really thought she was a great girl. She's got a good heart, and I thought, "She was a keeper." So I said, "I can't mess that up!"

Tony and Eva just finished professing their love to each other for an upcoming appearance on Oprah.

JK: Tell me about the experience with Oprah. She says sometimes you get nervous, but you handled it like a champ?

TP: I was nervous just before the door opened. I was a little bit nervous. My heart was going very fast, like the NBA Championship. But then when I was out there I was okay.

JK: So you're comparing Oprah to playing in the NBA Championship?

TP: Oh definitely. She's huge, so that was a big deal, and a big deal for Eva.

JK: I know Oprah can put some heat on. Was she pressuring you about you two getting married?

EL: No, not at all. I thought she was going to pressure more, but she was pretty cool about it. I think she liked us.

TP: She asked if we were getting married, and we were like, "Well." And she goes, I'm not pressuring you because I'm not getting married anytime soon! So she has that respect of keep it for yourself.

There is no marriage in the works yet, but Eva and Tony did break this news: they're building a house together!

TP: It's a mess... Yes... We're working on it.

JK: Tell me about it. What are you doing now?

EL: Well, we just had a hiccup. We were going to break ground five months ago, then we were going to break ground in Decemberů then we were going to break ground in February. Now, we had to stop, and we're starting over.

JK: If you two aren't getting engaged... Getting a house -- that's a big step!

EL: Well it will be three years before the house is ready. So, maybe by then we'll have solidified something.

In the immediate future, Eva is getting ready for this weekend's SAG awards. Plus, she's about to host the National Council of La-Raza's American Latino Media Arts Awards; the big news was announced last night at the party hosted by Hennessey Beer.

And Parker is working on a French rap album, which includes a love song about his loving "Housewife."

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