How Tia Carrere Got Her Hot New Body
January 26, 2006

"Dancing with the Stars'" Tia Carrere is showing off more than her sexy dance moves on the ABC hit, she's also revealing a slimed-down figure just four months after giving birth to her first child. And many fans are left wondering, how did she do it?

Carrere's new figure is due to grueling dance practices seven days a week. "We don't take a day off because we have precious little time in between being voted back on," she revealed. "So we're dancing for hours, hours and hours."

On top of that, Tia works out three days a week with her trainer, Happy, who has been keeping her fit for 13 years. "Our relationship has lasted longer than some Hollywood marriages," Carrere joked.

Thanks to her dance practices, Tia's form quickly bounced back after giving birth to daughter Bianca. "It's not rocking," Tia said of her new figure. "But it's under construction."

"I don't need to look like a lingerie model coming out of the box," Carrere added. "I'll take the time and do it the right way."

Tia has her own secret weapon when it comes to fixing her body: the NutriFit meal service. "They give you three meals -- portion control -- and then three snacks," she explained. "If 20 million people were watching your weight loss progress on television, you'd be sticking to it too, right?"

Yes, Tia, yes! And whether or not Tia sticks around for another week on "Dancing with the Stars," one thing is certain: "After having a baby and doing this show, I realize just how strong I am," she said.

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