Justin Timberlake: The Next Sundance Kid?
January 26, 2006

The Prince of Pop and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz joined the slew of celebrities in Park City, Utah, this week. But Justin wasn't in town for a concert -- he was there promoting his acting debut in the flick "Alpha Dog."

Justin caught up with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli to chat about the new movie, in which Justin plays the right-hand man of an infamous Los Angeles drug dealer.

This will be the first chance audiences have had to see Timberlake as an actor…but no pressure, Justin! "Honestly, I try not to put that type of pressure on myself," Timberlake said. "I enjoy the work and working with great actors like Anton."

Timberlake is talking about Anton Yelchin, who co-starred with Justin in the movie. So how did Anton like all the attention that comes with starring alongside the Pop Prince? "I think everybody forgot everything when we were working, honestly," he revealed.

One thing no one forgets about, however, is Justin and Cam's future. He revealed to "Extra" that they are in the process of working on "Shrek 3," which has brought them closer than ever.

Justin revealed, "I've done a bit of work, but they're constantly writing. So it's constantly evolving and changing."

And does he enjoy working hand-in-hand with his main squeeze? "Yes, yes, yes… it's nice!" Timberlake admitted.

Look for "Alpha Dog" to hit theaters in April.

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