Robert Redford Lights Up Park City, Utah
January 25, 2006

Hollywood's hottest stars have descended on Park City, Utah, this week for the Sundance Film Festival. But you can't talk about Sundance without talking about the president and founder, Mr. Robert Redford.

"A lot of things are coming together this year," Redford said. This year marks numerous milestones for Redford's "festival that could": "The Sundance Institute is 25 years, the festival is 20 years, the channel is 10," Redford told us proudly.

One of the channel's most memorable moments was the Sundance Kid's reunion with Butch Cassidy himself, Paul Newman. And Redford gave us the scoop about a possible reprisal.

"Whatever we do, I don't want to talk about stuff that's not done," Redford said. "It's not that I'm superstitious. There's enough hype and hoopla in the business without creating any more. If something's real, and it's going to happen, I'm okay to talk about it."

But don't get disappointed just yet. Redford continued by revealing: "It would have to have at least some of the tone of the other two."

Stay tuned. And catch all the film festival action on the Sundance Channel every night!

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