Meg Ryan Joins Hollywood's Adoption Trend
January 24, 2006

Proud new mom Meg Ryan has joined the likes of Sharon Stone, Angelina Jolie, Diane Keaton and Nicole Kidman, becoming the latest megastar to adopt! Ryan's adoption was finalized Monday in China, and the 44-year-old actress wasted no time in bringing her pink bundle of joy back to Los Angeles.

According to US Weekly, the baby girl is under a year old. And Baby Ryan will never be short of playmates. Meg's neighbors include Debra Messing and Nicolas Cage. Meg already has a teenage son, Jack, from her marriage to Dennis Quaid.

Baby buzz is also surrounding Quaid and his new wife Kimberly Buffington. "Extra" spotted the couple in Park City, Utah, at the Sundance Film Festival, where reports swirled that the couple plans to have a baby of their own.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez talked about husband Marc Anthony Monday night on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," speaking about their marriage for the first time. Jay coyly asked, "Is Marc a good guy or a bad boy?"

"A little of both is not bad," Lopez responded. She then asked for audience support, saying, "Every girl does… come on girls, don't lie!"

And finally, Sienna Miller has laid down the law with Jude Law. This time reports say it's over for good because Sienna has a new squeeze! On the set of the flick "Factory Girl," it seems that the forces may have brought Hayden Christensen and Sienna very, very close.

Spy witnesses told "Extra" that at a cast party over the weekend, the two were so close you couldn't pry them apart. "He had his arm around her the entire time," a source revealed.

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