Aniston Opens Up About Life in the Spotlight
January 23, 2006

Jennifer Aniston has been all smiles at the Sundance Film Festival this week, despite the constant trail of paparazzi, eager to reveal how the star is dealing with life after Brad.

When "Extra" sat down with Jen in Park City, Utah, it was obvious that life without Brad is suiting the actress just fine. Her latest film, "Friends with Money," opened this year's film festival, where she and her new group of friends have been mobbed by the frenzied media day and night.

But Jen takes it all in stride. "Anything that gets the movie out there," she revealed. "It's great. It deserves it."

Jen smiled for the cameras at the film's premiere, despite the recent bombshell that Angelina's children, Zahara and Maddox, had officially become little Pitts.

But the news didn't have Jen seeking a pity party. Instead, she relied on the support of loyal friends Catherine Keener and Joan Cusack. "She's the mamma bear," Jen said of Keener. "And I protect her."

"Sometimes the attention is daunting for one who might get so much of it," Catherine admitted. "But despite that, we all showed up anyway because we want to advocate for this film."

However, the film needs little advocating. It has been highly publicized since the first day on set; just one day after Aniston's split with Brad Pitt was announced.

Although the pesky paparazzi plagued the entire shoot, Jen told us, "I just focused. You don't pay attention to them, you don't look at them. They're vultures, they don't care."

Two people who do care are Catherine and Joan, who Jen looks forward to celebrating her 37th birthday with. Joan and Catherine wouldn't reveal the big party plans, but "Extra" will pass them on as soon as we get the answer!

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