Wanted: Hip Stylist for Rachel Hunter
January 23, 2006

Rachel Hunter was a fan favorite on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" last season, and now she's back on reality TV with her own bold and fashionable show, "Style Me."

Thousands of wanna-be stylists applied, but only 12 fit the bill, gaining the opportunity to compete for an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to be Rachel's personal stylist!

"I like somebody that brings interesting things," Hunter said simply.

What about the former model's world-class body? "It's definitely something that I have to work on," Hunter admitted.

Rachel also opened up to "Extra" about her ex, Rod Stewart. "We broke up like seven or eight years ago," she said. "Everybody gets on with their lives."

As for her current love life, the 36-year-old single mother of two told "Extra" she's no "Desperate Housewife." "I'm not having trouble finding a man," she said. "I'm actually enjoying myself."

So will she ever step back into the dating pool? Rachel told us, "At the right time, I will find someone and it will be cool."

Something else cool? Rachel's chic new show! "Style Me" debuts Monday night on the Women's Entertainment Channel.



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