TV's Twisted Sister Reveals 'Desperate' Secrets
January 19, 2006

Sexy Eva Longoria isn't pulling any punches on Wisteria Lane Sunday night in what may be the most delicious catfight since Krystle knocked down Alexis on "Dynasty." But before Gabrielle battles it out with sinful sister Mary, played by Melinda Page Hamilton, "Extra" sat down with the less than heavenly nun for an exclusive interview.

Although Mrs. Solis attempts to stop Sister Mary's divine intervention with Carlos on Sunday, Hamilton told us, "I'm not going after his body. I'm going after his soul!"

"I felt terrible because we shot in a church," Longoria chimed in. "And we fight on the altar."

So what does Sister Mary have that Gabrielle doesn't? Hamilton revealed, "She's fast, but I've got strength, and I've got God!"

Fans will have to wait until Sunday night's show to see who wins, but one thing that Hamilton most definitely has is a new film called "Stay," which is competing at the Sundance Film Festival. In the movie, she plays another character who is no saint.

"There's a little episode in her sexual past that she hasn't come to terms with," Hamilton revealed.

In the meantime, whether she wins or loses primetime's big fight, she has only praise for her "Desperate" opponent. "I have a little crush on Eva!" Hamilton admitted. "She's just so cute!"

Find out who goes down, Sunday night on ABC.

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