'Idol' Brothers Charged with Theft, Forgery
January 19, 2006

"American Idol" has found itself in the middle of another scandal. Derrell and Terrell Brittenum belted their way through the auditions Tuesday night, earning them a one-way ticket to Hollywood. But now it seems the only thing the brothers will see is the inside of a Georgia jail.

According to police reports, the twins are being arrested for forgery, theft and identity fraud after they used another man's identity to buy a car. Terrell is in jail today, as police hunt for his twin brother Derrell.

"I don't know what to say," Simon told us. "Nothing surprises me on the show...come clean, guys! "

"Idol" producers haven't revealed whether or not the twins will return to the competition, but it's probable that when the contestants gather in Hollywood on February 8, they will be singing the blues from behind bars.

Regardless the outcome of the Brittenum brothers, the show will go on!

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