Geena Davis Celebrates Globe Win, 50th Birthday
January 18, 2006

She captured gold at Monday night's Golden Globe Awards, and "Extra" celebrated another golden moment with TV's "Commander in Chief" Geena Davis: the star's 50th birthday!

"Yeah, I will be 50 on Saturday," she revealed.

Only "Extra" was on the set with TV's first female president the day after her first Golden Globe win. "You would never imagine being 50 would be what it is," Davis admitted. "Which is just fantastic."

Geena's "fantastic" life is thanks, in part, to a hit series, three children and a rock-solid marriage. "He is a surgeon in training and the hours are just crazy," Davis said of her husband. "He comes and sleeps on our set. He wants to come and spend time with me, and the next thing we know he's fallen asleep wherever we've propped him up."

But there was no sleeping on the set when "Extra" stopped by, as a wide-eyed Geena taped an upcoming episode featuring a State of the Union address, a speech much different than the one she gave at the globes.

"As I was coming in, I felt a little tug on my skirt," Davis said at the Globes while accepting her award. "And I looked and there was a little girl, maybe 8 or 10, and she said, 'Because of you, I want to become president someday.' .Well, that didn't actually happen."

"I said it to my husband, just as a joke, 'Wouldn't it be funny if I said this,'" Davis related. "And he said, 'I think you should say it! It's really funny.'"

Meanwhile, looking fabulous at 50, Geena admitted that she has no secrets to her ageless beauty. "I do absolutely nothing," she insisted. "I sleep."

And she's looking forward to more rest this weekend, celebrating her golden milestone quietly. "I so do not want to skydive," Davis said. "I so do not want to bungee jump."

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