Grab Gold, Touch-Up and Toast with 'Extra'!
January 17, 2006

The Golden Globe winners rolled right off the stage Monday night and into our L'Oreal one-on-one room. The party started here, where the film and TV winners got a touch-up and a toast!

The first toast was to Mr. George Clooney, who didn't get a chance to loosen up before his acceptance speech. "I was looking for a drink, I was… I was like, is there going to be alcohol here?"

And how does George plan to celebrate his Best Supporting Actor win after the show? "Well, my buddies will be out somewhere drinking, so I'll find them and have a drink," he revealed.

"Walk The Line" stars Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix also celebrated big wins. Backstage, Reese revealed that her biggest fan nearly knocked her over when she won: "My husband almost knocked me over," she revealed. "We watched too many play-off games this weekend."

Philip Seymour Hoffman was downright giddy about his Globe. We asked the actor if he had let Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise know there's a new leading man in Hollywood: "Yeah, I'm going to do that… I think they're safe," he laughed.

Felicity Huffman revealed she ran a thousand miles to get to the stage, or at least her feet felt like they did. "The only thing I remember going up onstage was my feet started sweating," she said. "I'm a runner. And my feet sweat."

And Felicity's big party plans for the evening? "Dude, I'm staying up until 11pm. I'm NOT kidding." Party on, Felicity!

The party for "Desperate Housewives" began after the show won Best Comedy, but the competing "Housewives" were all let down when Mary-Louise Parker showed the world that "Weeds" aren't always so bad. Parker confided, "I didn't think I was going to win. I thought Felicity was going to win… or Teri."

"Commander in Chief" Geena Davis had an uh-oh moment onstage when the audience loved her acceptance speech. "I made it all up," she said. "Evidently, it worked though. When everybody went 'aw,' I had a second of thinking, 'uh-oh!'" Didn't you get the memo, Geena? The President can do whatever she wants!

American's favorite "40 Year-Old Virgin" Steve Carell won Best Actor in a Comedy for "The Office." And backstage, he proclaimed, "I'm no longer a mere mortal. I'm now a Golden Globe recipient!"

"Grey's Anatomy's" Sandra Oh stopped by to share her party plans for the night: "I'm going to drag my 7-month pregnant sister to every party," Oh revealed. "She's going to watch me drink while she drinks seltzer water."

I'm sure she won't mind as long as she can hold the gold!

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