‘The Bachelor' Looks for Love in the French Countryside
January 16, 2006

The liquor is flowing and the girls are partying just outside Paris Monday night, as "The Bachelor" Travis Stork continues on his journey for love.

Only "Extra" was with the man with the roses, as he popped the bubbly and shared a toast with his beautiful Bachelorettes in Champagne, France.

We went behind the scenes as the dreamy doctor took six sexy hopefuls deep into the caves of the Pommery Winery, where they were surrounded by candles, thousands of bottles of champagne and stunning artwork.

Travis revealed that he's already starting to have real feelings for some of these women. "When I first saw you, in the back of my mind I thought, she's getting a rose tonight," he told one woman.

And it's no secret how the Bachelorettes feel about their dashing 33-year-old date. "He's definitely my type," one woman said.

Travis revealed that the show is the perfect prescription for him, since he's recently been very wrapped up in his career. Now only if he could just learn a little French.

"I know how to say hello," he said. "I know how to say goodbye, thank you. And I know how to ask for the receipt."

See whose champagne wishes come true, Monday nights on ABC.

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