J LO Makes Debut as TV Executive Producer
January 10, 2006

South Beach is known for its sexy and exotic locals, lazy days and crazy nights. What can be better than that? Jennifer Lopez's interpretation of South Beach, that's what!

The multitalented diva makes her debut as a TV Executive Producer with the sizzling new show, "South Beach," on UPN.

"South Beach is a great backdrop," Lopez said. "It's very colorful, there's a rich mix of cultures down there. I love the feeling that almost anything can happen."

Veteran beauty Vanessa Williams turns up the heat in "South Beach," playing a flirty, 40-something hotel owner. "She has a flavor and a hunger for young men," Williams said.

It seems life is imitating art for Vanessa, who is reportedly dating her 29-year-old co-star Rob Mack.

Meanwhile, the primetime soap opera will also introduce the public to lots of hunky newcomers, like Odette Yustman, who plays a model on the show.

Working with Miss Lopez has been a dream come true for dreamy Yustman. "When I walked in, I was kind of nervous at first," he said. "But I just felt so warm and welcomed. She makes everyone feel comfortable."

Don't miss the sultry premiere Wednesday night on UPN.

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